Educational Structures in Vietnam

Development of a dual education program in “Advanced Engineering” in the clothing industry in Vietnam

About This Project

With nearly 4,000 factories and annual sales of $20 billion, Vietnam is the fifth largest textile and apparel producer in the world. Nevertheless, the Vietnamese garment industry faces some challenges that need to be overcome in order to secure the future of the sector. A qualitative education with practical training is a key issue here.

The project has fostered practical training and introduced a new dual education program at the participating university. This has led to a transfer of know-how and has increased the regional education level of students in the field of textile management. For the dual education program, van Laack has developed appropriate curricula and teaching content in cooperation with a German and a Vietnamese university. Every 18-months, 50 students join the dual education program, attend theoretical lectures at the university, and practical training in the factory. After having successfully passed their training, the students receive an accredited bachelor’s degree.

For the official opening ceremony of the new education program, the honorable guests the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Vietnam and the president of the HUST university as well as numerous interested students joined the event.  


  • Developing a new practice-oriented dual education program in “Advanced Engineering”
  • Training of 50 students every 18 months
  • Training of Vietnamese trainers through cooperation with a German university







2 years

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