Fair-Trade Standards and Training Centre in Ghana

Establishment of fair-trade standards and a weaving and design training center as well as creating job opportunities for underprivileged rural women in Ghana

About This Project

Ghana is one of the fastest-growing economy countries in Africa with estimated GDP growth of 6.1% in 2019. One of the major factors in this growth is the revival of the weaving handicraft industry where it contributes around 21% of total non-traditional export of Ghana. This growing industry is vital for alleviating poverty especially for rural women and gives them the rare opportunity to become economically independent.

Within the project, Geolicrafts Company ltd. has implemented fair-trade standards according to the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). A total of 250 underprivileged rural women have been trained in basic weaving. Additionally, 50 women out of the 250 trainees have been selected from the weaving training and have received another training on handicraft pattern designing. A total of 235 women will be hired as freelance workers at the production company, with another 15 women hired to manage the freelance workers’ production.

Cooperation has been established with the farmers’ cooperative Awinsonya Group. 100 farmers have received a 2-month long training on sustainable farming practices and among them, 50 farmers have been contracted for harvesting elephant grass for Geolicrafts to produce handicraft products. 3 representatives of Geolicrafts have the opportunity to present their collections at the Bazaar Berlin 2021 trade fair and thus gain market access to an international distribution network.


  • Implementation of fair-trade standards
  • Market access to Europe for Ghanaian crafts
  • Training of 250 underprivileged rural women
  • Training of 100 farmers on sustainable farming practice
  • Set up 2,800 square meter storage house to store elephant grass
  • Visit the Bazaar Berlin







2 years

Apparel, Handicraft
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