Modern Ethnic Design Center in Cambodia

Qualification of Cambodian fashion designers for the development of high quality, modern ethnic design products

About This Project

Although textiles from Cambodia look back on a long tradition, hardly any local designers are represented in the international market. On the one hand there is need and desire to understand the design and quality standards of the European fashion consumer market, on the other hand to be advised on business issues and in particular to gain access to marketing and sales networks.


Within the project, the Modern Ethnic Design Center (MEDC) has been established. Every year, about 15 designers join the 1-year training course, that is taught by a German and a Cambodian lecturer. Cambodian designers practically learn to adjust traditional Cambodian design, pattern and fitting to European trends. The focus of the project is the topic of sustainability in terms of design, raw material sourcing and manufacturing. The innovative collections include clothing, accessories and jewelry with an ethnic background and traditional techniques. For the collections, mainly silk and cotton fabrics by local companies are used to support traditional weavers from Cambodia.

During an annual fashion show, the 5 best designers are selected, who have the opportunity to present their collections at the Bazaar Berlin trade fair and thus gain market access to an international distribution network. Therefore, Bazaar Berlin offers a free booth to 5 designers each year and organises B2B meetings as well as fashion shows to successfully market their products.


  • Market access to Europe for Cambodian designers
  • Set-up of the Modern Ethnic Design Center (MEDC)
  • Training of 15 designers each year
  • Annual Fashion Show and visit of the Bazaar Berlin







3 years

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