Vision Training Centre to Revolutionize Eye Care in Burundi

Vision Training Centre in Burundi

Vision Training Centre to Revolutionize Eye Care in Burundi

Clinique de L’Oeil (CdO), founded in 2007, is the first hospital in Burundi to have brought eye laser treatment to the country. The clinic is equipped with highly specialized eye treatment and surgical equipment for diagnosing and treating eye diseases.

Clinique de l’Oeil has launched a groundbreaking project with the objective of establishing a state-of-the-art Vision Training Centre in Bujumbura to enhance eye care facilities and provide proper treatment for the people of Burundi. The duration of this project is 3 years where suPPPort ltd. arranged €160,000 to support this lives-changing endeavour!

CdO, in collaboration with the Hope Africa University and the University of Burundi, is developing four dual education programs to train future eye care professionals. With a focus on ophthalmologists, ophthalmic clinical officers, and general healthcare staff, this initiative will empower 240 students through theoretical and practical courses at the new VTC.

Approximately 24,000 people in need, including marginalized individuals, older adults, women, people with disabilities, and those in rural areas, will receive proper eye treatment at half price through the project.

The Vision Training Centre will continue to provide affordable eye care after the project’s completion, ensuring long-term benefits for the people of Burundi.

CdO’s impact will be significant as it establishes a Vision Training Centre, recruiting 30 additional qualified workers out of 240 students in the project framework. At the same time, the remaining 210 students will receive assistance from CdO and the Ministry of Health in finding suitable jobs in the industry.

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