Sustainability Expert Marina Chahboune at the MVB’s Seminar on Sustainable Fashion, Textiles & Retail

On July 31st, our Sustainability Expert, Marina Chahboune, will be one of the speakers at the Most Valued Business (MVB) Indonesia and BINUS University’s Seminar titled “Sustainable Fashion, Textiles & Retail”. The topics revolve around sustainability matters such as sharing information about the impact of sustainable lifecycles of fashion and textiles and how these can be conveyed in design concepts and retail innovations.

The speakers of the seminar will also discuss already existing sustainable tactics and the potential of sustainability in the respective industries. This, in return, will offer input regarding a more pluralistic, engaging and future-oriented approach concerning knowledge of materials, local products, human needs, slow fashion as well as  design.

As times are changing and consumers increase their awareness for recycling and sustainability solutions, manufacturers and companies within the industry have to become more transparent about their supply chain. They have to offer visible and concrete information about how their consumers’ behaviour influences and affects the environment.

Because sustainable fashion does not only describe the production of garments in an environmentally friendly manner, it could also stand for buying second-hand and vintage clothing. Another option would be to exchange buying newly manufactured clothes with swapping, borrowing or renting clothes. Sustainable fashion has reached a new perception and is now seen as fashionable and desirable.

During the first panel discussion, Marina Chahboune will speak in front of different groups of people of the industry, like MVB members, students of the respective BINUS University, Retailers and Malls, Experts of the Textile and Fashion Industry, Design and Furniture Companies, as well as persons of the online and offline media and Government Departments.


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