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It’s a Fashion Revolution!

As a consultancy for sustainable projects, our team at suPPPort ltd. consists of people who share the company’s values by supporting and participating at various types of events which aim to make a change in the world by raising awareness for the problems in various sectors of different industries.

During the last week of April, the worldwide event, the Fashion Revolution Week took place. Fashion Revolution Week is famous for its #whomademyclothes campaign. The movement was born on April 24th of 2013, the date of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more. This week brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain.

And of course, this is the perfect opportunity for suPPPort’s team members to participate in different regions to spread the cause and to make aware of increased demand for transparency and fair and equal working conditions.

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the Modern Ethnic Design Centre (MEDC), one of suPPPort’s projects of the apparel sector, partook in the country’s event – the so-called CULT Market. Together with the Head of the MEDC, the students set up their own booth to present their fair and sustainably produced garments and accessories, some of which are part of their upcoming collections. The event concluded with a fashion show of fair-trade fashion brands and of course, the MEDC students presented a sneak peek of their collections which they will be showcasing in August for the project’s own annual fashion show.

Our team in Bangladesh visited a seminar titled ‘Voices & Solutions’ in Dhaka. Topics entailed environmental challenges as the consequences of the fashion industry, the second biggest polluter worldwide and how to improve current situations. The seminar’s aim was to initiate a dialogue among the industry’s stakeholders. Experts and the panellists present concluded that there must be an increasing amount of environment-friendly ways of production to ensure sustainable growth in Bangladesh’s garment sector.

In Berlin, suPPPort’s CEO Ozan Oezdemir participated in a demonstration from the Neptunbrunnen to the Brandenburg Gate which raised awareness in remembrance of the Rana Plaza textile factory collapse to put pressure on brands to become more transparent about their supply chains and to provide and guarantee safe and fair working conditions for their textile workers.

Last but certainly not least, our sustainability expert Marina Chahboune participated at the Fashion Revolution Week in Indonesia, a country among the top 10 textile-producing nations. As a speaker at a panel discussion, she joined the events at the Institute Francais Indonesia and shared her experiences and thoughts on sustainability matters next to zero waste and upcycling fashion brands and sustainable material innovators.

The Fashion Revolution Week ended on a high note and was a successful experience. We met new people in different countries who share the same ideas and raise awareness for the fashion industry’s challenges. Will you join us next year?

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