Oxygen Generator Plant and Medical Centre in Ethiopia

Establishment of an oxygen generator plant and setup of a medical centre for the training of workers, hospital staff, and university students in Ethiopia

About This Project

There are over 109 million people living in Ethiopia. As our economy is rising, our demand for better quality health service is also increasing but compared to our large population, OHS does not have sufficient medical service facilities. The lack of physicians, trained staff and proper equipment facilities are acute in this industry. The recent Covid-19 crisis has also exposed OHS’ limitations to provide sufficient medical health services to the Ethiopian people.

Also, there are only 1500 ventilators in the whole country though it is so important to provide lifesaving breathing support to the respiratory patients. But these few numbers of ventilators are not used at its maximum capacity due to lack of available maintenance services. Sometimes it takes 2 precious weeks to fix any problems which could be used to save someone. Also, the responsible nurses and physicians need sufficient training on the operation and maintenance of the medical equipment to ensure that OHS can maximize its existing resources and serve the people in their need.

During this project, OHS will establish an oxygen generator plant which will ensure the constant supply of oxygen to 3 partner hospitals: Black Lion Hospital, St. Peter’s Hospital, and Gonder University Hospital. Also, OHS will establish a medical centre of excellence where OHS will train 100 workers from different working backgrounds. After the training 50 trainees will receive job opportunities at OHS. OHS will also train 90 employees from its 3 partner hospitals to make sure they can increase their efficiency and provide service to the maximum patients. Moreover, 50 students from Addis Ababa University will receive training on respiratory therapist during the project.


  • Production of 120 oxygen cylinders per day
  • Establishment of a medical centre of excellence
  • Training of 240 workers, Hospital Staff, and University Students
  • Job creation for 50 trainees







1 year

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