Primary Hospital and Dual Education Structure in Ethiopia

About This Project

Ethiopia has achieved an average annualSince the spread of the Coronavirus, Ethiopia has reported more than 46,407 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 745 fatalities and 16,829 recoveries to date. There is only one doctor for over 17,000 people1 in Ethiopia which is very low compared to the World Health Organization’s recommendation of at least 1 doctor for 1,000 people. Furthermore, there are only 90 public hospitals all around the country while most of them are located in Ethiopia’s capital and bigger cities. As the public hospitals are struggling to support the increasing infections, the government has urged the private sectors to upgrade their facilities and join this combat against Coronavirus. Moreover, the people from the rural area have been exposed to this pandemic more acutely due to the non-uniform distribution of the existing medical resources.

Within the framework of the project, BAPLC will set up a primary hospital and a COVID-19 response recovery centre to quarantine confirmed and a-symptomatic patients of Butajira and surrounding areas. The COVID-19 recovery centre will act as a basis for the primary hospital which will be constructed while the temporary recovery centre is being used to quarantine COVID-19 patients. To ensure proper separation of COVID-19 patients and to manage the construction of the primary hospital, an international health care industry expert will be engaged.

Furthermore, a dual education structure will be developed together with the healthcare industry expert and the Butajira TVET Polytechnic College to ensure adequate and skilled healthcare personnel that can provide high-quality service. The primary hospital will become a well-established health facility in the Gurage Zone and the long-term dual education structures will create skilled nurses for the country’s health sector


  • Construction of a primary hospital and laboratory
  • Setting up of a temporary COVID-19 response recovery centre
  • Providing access to a quality health care to over 400,000 residents in Butajira and surrounding areas
  • Job creation for 4 doctors, 15 nurses, and 22 support staff members
  • Establishment of a long-term dual education structure.







16 Months

Covid-19 Awareness, Health
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