Building Awareness in India

mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 by building awareness, producing and distributing hand sanitizer among the workers and community of India

About This Project

Hand sanitizers are being widely used as a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus. Its increased usage has led to a shortage of such products in the local markets of India. In response to the current Corona crisis, Saife have produced 32,000 bottles of 500 ml of hand sanitizer in an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus among the workers and the community. Saife has received the necessary license for producing hand sanitizer. Saife experts have been responsible to produce the sanitizer following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the respective national authority. To safeguard the workers’ health, all workers receive PPE suits. Additionally, all premises were being fumigated, and the workers have been provided with voluntary in-house residence facilities to avoid transportation and contact with family members.

The hand sanitizers have been distributed to the workers and their families, as well as to the local community free of charge. Saife has also upgrades its first-aid room with the necessary equipment, such as infrared thermometers for regular health check-ups of the workers. Additionally, special training on hygiene and sanitation and an awareness building workshop on COVID-19 has been arranged for the workers and the community. Furthermore, Saife has designed and developed a personal hygiene leaflet and distributed them to the workers and the community.


  • Production and Distribution of 32,000 Bottles of 500 ml Hand Sanitizer
  • Upgradation of first-aid room with infrared thermometers
  • Awareness creation  among the workers and the community
  • Leaflet distribution among 5,000 workers and their families







4 months

Covid-19 Awareness, Health
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