Educational structures in China

Training as a technical drawer and puncher in the Chinese embroidery industry

About This Project

With more than 100,000 factories, China is the world’s largest exporter of textile and apparel products and employs more than 10 million people. Due to increasing labor costs and trade agreements, many Chinese clothing manufacturers are moving to Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. This leaves millions of jobs at stake. Increasing the know-how and value addition in China is therefore highly relevant to maintain China’s competitiveness.

Union AG will set up a modern training center in Qingdao, China, where a two-year training program for at least 10 apprentices from different companies will be offered in technical drawing and punching. The project will introduce the dual education system of Switzerland into the embroidery industry of China. All instructions at the training center are kept in Chinese. The training will educate the trainees in theoretical knowledge and teach them practical skills. Upon successful completion of the training, they will be issued a graduation certificate. The training places are available free of charge and will be available only to 30% for Union AG apprentices and 70% for external persons.

In scope of the project, Union AG will cooperate with the Qingdao University and its “Department of Apparel Engineering’, to transfer know-how to an even broader audience of students.


  • Transfer of know-how from Switzerland to China
  • 2-year dual education for 10 trainees
  • Cooperation with a local university







2 years

Apparel, Lingerie
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