Feature in the GCsunmun by the GIC/GCC

At the beginning of the new year, suPPPort ltd. has been featured in the Member Focus section of the January and February issue of the GIC/GCC newsletter.
The German Chamber of Commerce (GCC) and the German Industry and Commerce Ltd. (GIC) provide their readers with  relevant posts about German–Hong Kong businesses.

This time, the newsletter deals with the ‘War on Waste and Hong Kong’s Struggle for Sustainability‘ in which suPPPort had the opportunity to talk about the services provided to our clients. These entail the implementation of funding programs for tailor-made projects aligning with a company’s business strategy,  aiming at emerging and developing countries.
Other services include strategic sustainability consultingcircular economy, as well as sustainable supply chain management, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Another topic is the non-repayable funding targeting small to medium enterprises, SMEs, and large companies, or the offering of venture capital to start-up companies, to accelerate the realization of a project or a company’s aims to be achieved.

To learn more about the feature in detail and to take a look at the newsletter, please follow this and this link.

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