“Empowering Ethiopian Coffee Farmers!”

Kaffee Pura Coffee Project

“Empowering Ethiopian Coffee Farmers!”

We’re pleased to share our remarkable project in Ethiopia! 🇪🇹 Together with Enku, KAFFEE PURA set up a sustainable training hub to empower 100 local coffee farmers in organic coffee cultivation to qualify one-third of them with prestigious ECOCERT certification during the project’s 2.5-year term, where suPPPort has secured a grant of almost € 164,000 to bring this vision to life!


Kaffee Pura Coffee FarmersKaffee Pura was founded with a singular goal to bring you the finest, single-origin Ethiopian coffee while prioritising social and ecological responsibility. From farm to cup, it ensures your coffee experience is tailor-made.

The Kaffee Pura competence centre and lab in Addis Ababa will provide comprehensive training to farmers from various associations, ensuring top-notch coffee quality and practices. Kaffee Pura aims to create positive synergies and make a lasting impact on the local coffee community!



Kaffee Pura Coffee FarmersDuring this journey, Kaffee Pura will work closely with local stakeholders, like the Tuta-Kanisa Cooperative and the Kaffa Forest Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union, empowering farmers and fostering sustainable growth. At least 30 farmers will be ECOCERT certified within the project term, marking a significant milestone in the project’s quest for sustainability. Plus, it’ll ensure all participating farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication!

Together, it’ll cultivate a bright future for Ethiopia’s coffee farmers and elevate their speciality coffee on the global stage!

Join us in this exciting journey and let’s brew a better tomorrow!

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