Conference at the Interfilière about the future of fibers and fabrics

On the 20th of March, our sustainability expert Marina Chahboune was at the conference of the Interfilière trade fair in Hong Kong to discuss topics ranging from the future of fibers and materials to the latest trends of new, innovative and future-proof materials. They are future-proof as they disrupt the system and minimize the negative impact already at the raw material stage. The conference also covered a broad range of material choices that are renewable, recycled from pre- and post-consumer waste, recyclable, biodegradable, based on biopolymers or from completely new sources for example from agricultural waste.

As part of a holistic approach to creating fashion in a more sustainable way, choosing the right fibers and fabrics is a key starting point for creating change. One of the challenges is to find suitable solutions for lowering the environmental footprint of fashion, especially as we are facing a growing population and emerging markets with increasing demand for consumer goods and resources, change within the current wasteful and polluting practices of the fashion and textile industry is inevitable.

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