Qualification of Suppliers in Bangladesh

Qualification of suppliers with targeted measures and creation of educational structures in the Bangladeshi garment industry

About This Project

Bangladesh is the second largest garment manufacturer worldwide. International know-how and expertise is in high demand to further improve the industry and remain competitive. Therefore, the project aimed at improving social, environmental and quality standards at four supplier factories.

An expert environmental consultancy has conducted a Status Quo Analysis at the four supplier factories. More than 50 trainers of the suppliers were trained from the supervisor, mid/top management level. These trainers have passed on their knowledge to workers through regular workshops.  Environmental workshops included waste management, water and energy consumption as well as chemical management, while social workshops focused on health and safety. Further trainers were trained in production planning, work studies and quality management.

To disseminate knowledge, Omnibrand has started a cooperation with an education partner and an association. Students were invited to factory visits, internships and workshops. The project has played a crucial role in connecting the theoretical academic world with the practical factory world in a s systematic and mutual beneficial way. Through this better qualification, manufacturers can find higher qualified graduates with practical know-how.


  • Management system has been introduced at 4 suppliers
  • 26 students conducted an internship in the factory
  • 228 student and lecturers attended factory visits
  • A course ‘sustainability and eco-certification in textiles’ with 12 classes 3 hours each  for 16 students is introduced





2 years



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