Circular Economy for lingerie suppliers in Indonesia

Awareness Creation and Promotion of Sustainable and Circular Lingerie Manufacturers in Indonesia

About This Project

In order to develop the growth of Indonesia’s apparel industry in a sustainable manner, lin­gerie factories must be qualified in regard to waste management systems, strategies for designing out waste, closing the loop on material cycles, resource efficiency and how to mar­ket their products accordingly. This has increased long-term business success, create added value for customers and guaranteed partnerships with foreign investors and trading parties.

Such innovative and competitive producers also have guaranteed the success of international trade fairs, such as Eurovet’s Interfilière Hong Kong.

Within the project and the four partner factories, on-site assessments and the formulation of Corrective Action Plans have been conducted. Furthermore, related training, as well as coaching measures, have been implemented to improve textile waste- and chemical management, which has improved the health and safety conditions of employees at the four manufacturers at three locations in Indonesia, particularly of the workers in the wet processing units.
The partner factories have received assistance in the development of prototype circular fashion collections, as well as received support and know-how to participate successfully in two internationally renowned trade fairs, the Interfilière.

A strategic cooperation with a local partner, the Indonesian Apparel Manufacturer Association Asosiasi Perteksti­lan Indonesia (API), have established in order to reach more textile manufacturers and created broader awareness for sustainable and circular textiles, as well as trainings of knowledge multipliers at project partner design universities


  • Capacity building of sustainable and circular lingerie manufacturers.
  • The elimination of hazardous chemicals according to the ZDHD requirements and the reduction of textile waste, as well as increased environmental standards.
  • Development of a lingerie collection based on sustainability and design for circularity
  • Improvements of the work environment and safety for all employees.







2 years

Apparel, Lingerie
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