Capacity Building in Asia

Sustainability through creation of educational structures in the intimate garments industry

About This Project

The goal of the project was to increase sustainability efforts though creation of educational structures in the intimate garments industry of China, Thailand, and Cambodia while starting cooperation with local associations. Starting and enhancing partnerships with host communities and other stakeholders has also been a focus of the project.

A Status Quo Analysis has been conducted at all 5 factories to identify improvement measures regarding social and environmental performance. Subsequently, a management system has been set up to collect and monitor social and environmental performance data and drive improvements. All factories have been trained on the implementation of the system.

Another focus of the project was the cooperation with externals. In China, Thailand and Cambodia, the company has started cooperation with education partners, associations and the local community. In open dialogue sessions, their needs were identified and the company has provided tailor-made training. A total of 800 workers and 450 externals have joined open dialogue sessions, workshops, factory tours and internships.

The activities within this project have set the baseline for the first ever sustainability report according to the GRI guidelines and the Environmental, Social and Governance requirements by the Hong Kong stock exchange. Through publication of the company’s first sustainability report the CSR achievement were made public.


  • The company’s first sustainability report is published, following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines
  • Social and environmental management system is set-up in 3 countries
  • 450 externals have joined workshops


Lingerie manufacturer from Hong Kong




China, Thailand, Cambodia


2 years

Apparel, Lingerie
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