Direct Charity Contributions

Due to our main business areas we are always in direct contact with a lot of people. We depend on having this direct contact because of our work. In addition to structured long-term assistance through the programs we support, we also have the opportunity to provide direct support through these contacts.


We talk to the people, ask how they are and what moves them. This gives us the opportunity to do something immediately on the same day. Often it is actually very small things for us which we can implement on the same day, but which represent a great added value for the people and some times even for their community. We are very pleased that we are able to do this instantly.


Since the beginning of the year 2021, we are also supported by the company Poligram GmbH ( from Germany. Together with them we have established an investment portfolio. As well as we are planning another one. The already active portfolio will help us with immediate measures. This portfolio will be financed directly by Poligram. The upcoming portfolio will enable public financing by everyone. Through this portfolio we want to realize larger projects.

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