Education Partnerships and Supply Chain Qualifications in Cambodia

Establishment of Education Partnerships and Qualification of Supply Chains in the Cambodian Agriculture Sector

About This Project

In Cambodia, agriculture plays a prominent role in the everyday livelihoods of more than 56% of the total working-age population. Yet, most families in rural remote areas do not have access to qualified education.

In the scope of the project, Pierre Fabre and Baca Villa have jointly tackled the farmers’ education in organic farming and the cultivation of plants and herbs for vegetable oil manufacturing. The experts have trained technical staff in the oil pressing process to convert plants and herbs into high-value oil, which may later be used for nutraceutical and cosmetic applications in Pierre Fabre’s products. Additionally, 100 farmers and technical staff have been trained in organic farming, food safety as well as income management, health, and safety. The aim of the project is to certify at least 50 farmers in the Ecocert Organic Standard. In cooperation with a local university, a quality control laboratory has been established to foster research and practical education of students.

Through the set-up of an external control lab and the support of Pierre Fabre in technical experts training, Baca Villa has been able to ensure that vegetable oils provided to Pierre Fabre and other international and local customers, meet the highest quality standards.


  • Qualification of 100 Cambodian farmers in organic farming practices
  • Capacity building at a local university and the set-up of an academic quality control laboratory







2 years

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