Dual Education Training Center in Bangladesh

Establishment of dual educational training structures to foster skill development of entry-level professionals in Bangladesh

About This Project

The lack of competent management professionals has been a long-standing issue for Bangladesh, and as a result, has been greatly hindering the capacity for its economic development. There is also a major rise in unemployment levels within fresh graduates. The rate of unemployment among persons with the education of up to tertiary level increased 11.2 percent in fiscal 2016-17 from 9 percent a year earlier, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. This is a direct indicator of the fact that the curricula of the existing education system do not manage to provide the right foundation for graduates in order to match the requirements of the job market. Therefore, E-Zone HRM will establish a training center with dual educational structures in Dhaka.

Within the project period, E-Zone will establish a training structure for fresh graduates in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Up to 700 entry level professionals will get the opportunity to receive skill development training on various generic and job-specific courses. Among them, a minimum of

70% trainees will be selected from individuals with a poor background. As part of the education model, trainees will receive a 3-months training including generic and job-specific knowledge and skills. The training will be conducted partly at a training centre and partly at different industry partners. Upon successful completion of the program the trainees will receive certificates and E-zone will facilitate job placement for a minimum of 50% (350) of the trainees at its industry partner companies.


  • Setting up a training centre
  • Development of a curriculum and training materials
  • Training of 700 fresh graduates
  • Job creation for 350 trainees.







2 years

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