Dual Education Programme in Tunisia

Introduction of two dual education programmes in the engineering and e-mobility industry in Tunisia

About This Project

The mechanical, industrial, electrical, and electronic engineering-related industries in Tunisia are booming with an overall annual growth rate of 13% in the last 7 years. It has become a major contributor to the country’s economy with € 1.06 billion which is 4% of the total GDP of € 32.54 billion of Tunisia. One of the main reasons behind this substantial success is the government’s initiative to establish research and technical centres all around the country.

Within the framework of the proposed project, ACTIA Engineering Services (AES) will establish cooperation with the Ecole National d’Ingénieurs de Monastir (ENIM) for the creation of dual education structures to provide training in the engineering and e-mobility industry. Along with ENIM two nationally accredited dual education structures will be developed: a 1-year programme for high school graduates on 5 existing job profiles and a 3-month programme for 8 new job profiles in the e-mobility sector.

A total of 550 trainees including 80 on existing engineering job profiles, 400 trainees and 70 trainers on e-mobility will receive training. Through this training, at least 50% of the trainees will receive direct job opportunities at the newly established e-mobility factory and existing AES factory. The other 50% will receive assistance to join other companies in the industry. Furthermore, AES will establish cooperation with 4 engineering schools and arrange a 4-month internship and technical training programme where a total of 60 students from different engineering backgrounds will receive this opportunity to participate.

Moreover, to accredit the dual education structure and the transfer of knowledge, cooperation will be established with the Ministry of Higher Education of Tunisia and the Cluster Mecatronic Tunisie (CMT).


  • Establishment of a dual education system in the engineering industry
  • Job creation for at least 319 trainees at AES
  • Creation of 4-month internship opportunities at AES for 60 students
  • Establishment of a cooperation with the Ecole National d’Ingénieurs de Monastir (ENIM).







2 years

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