Sustainable supply chain management

suPPPort Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Why sustainable supply chain management matters

Sustainable supply chain management is an indispensable part of a company’s sustainability program and, as such, a key component of corporate responsibility and brand integrity. By managing environmental, social and economic impacts throughout the life cycle of their products and services, enterprises will promote business continuity, avoid business disruption, improve processes and optimize resources.

In this context, the requirement for sustainability does not only apply to your firm but to your suppliers as well. Therefore, suPPPort offers you all the services which you need to ensure that you and your suppliers are on an internationally recognized level of social and environmental as well as production and quality standards. This comprises, among others, compliance with laws and regulations as well as adherence to recommended best practices. suPPPort can provide you with a sound and effective strategy for supply chain planning, including a baseline assessment and a corrective action plan. Moreover, we offer trainings, coaching’s and systems for data collection and performance monitoring.

Building a sustainable supply chain management strategy

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As a first step towards establishing a sustainable supply chain management we analyse your value chains to determine key potentials for improvement. Based on this analysis, we can provide you not only with a sound evaluation of your value chain’s hot spots regarding social and ecological exposure, but also with an appraisal of existing possibilities and chances for innovation. suPPPort will identify corrective action needs so that you can take proactive measures.  In this baseline assessment, suPPPort will evaluate the:

  • social performance (e. g. health & safety, worker welfare, scope for training)
  • environmental performance (e. g. energy and water use, wastewater treatment, greenhouse gas calculation)
  • production & quality performance
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Following the baseline assessment, suPPPort will provide you with a corrective action plan (CAP) containing custom-made solutions for an effective sustainable supply chain management. Here, we will advise you on how to enhance collaboration, manage risks, and ensure innovation across the entire value chain. We do not only help you in developing corporate sustainability strategies and policies but also map out detailed operational plans and design adequate monitoring systems in order to secure your business success.

As a clear roadmap, the CAP will outline precise measures to

  • save resources
  • enhance productivity and quality
  • save costs
  • decrease your injury rate
  • reduce risk of non-compliance
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In addition to the baseline assessment and a corrective action plan customised to your needs and goals, we offer on-site coachings and trainings for your entire staff. Sustainable supply chain management will only be successful if understood, supported and internalised by the whole team. With our workshops and coachings, we provide your team with both the theoretical knowledge and the practical advice necessary for concrete steps to ensure a continuous improvement of corporate sustainability.

To this end, suPPPort will

  • train your staff on the relevant social and environmental standards
  • advise and support your employees to systematically manage environmental and social issues in their global supply chains
  • coach your personnel how to take precise improvement measures
  • monitor the implementation of corrective actions
  • identify further scope for improvement
  • conduct follow-up visits
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Continuously monitoring and assessing your suppliers’ compliance with existing codes and standards is essential to sustainable supply chain management. Our comprehensive social and environmental data collection system will enable you to monitor performance throughout the whole value chain in order to ensure observance of sustainable practices and adherence to legal provisions and regulations. In particular, we can assist you in setting up management systems according to your needs, for instance in the fields of:

  • social compliance (e. g. BSCI)
  • environmental compliance (e. g. ISO 14000)
  • quality assurance (e. g. TQM, ISO9001)
  • production management
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