Strategic Sustainability Consulting

suPPPort Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Strategic Sustainability Consulting for the economic development

As an experienced sustainability consulting firm, suPPPort is your partner for successfully developing an effective and efficient strategy for your business.

Sustainability has become both a demand and an opportunity for a company. Laws and regulations, stakeholders and consumers place increasing emphasis on sustainable management and corporate social responsibility. Moreover, implementing sound sustainability practices can lead to more efficient processes and cost savings, at the same time opening up new business opportunities.

suPPPort offers your company tailor-made solutions to reach its sustainable goals. We provide you with both the consulting strategy and the tools necessary to actively manage your social and environmental impacts, thereby driving business value and benefitting both the company and its stakeholders.

Sustainability Strategic Road Map

suPPPort will assist you in designing and realising a successful sustainable business strategy. With our extensive sustainability consulting expertise, we will guide you through the whole process from status-quo analysis to strategy development and implementation. Key to our investing advice is the development of a Sustainability Strategic Road Map which is tailor-made to your company’s situation and requirements, while at the same time taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

To develop the best strategy suPPPort will conduct a business consulting analysis comprising the:

  • identification of your company’s core social and environmental impacts
  • determination of sustainable goals
  • identification of gaps and opportunities
  • evaluation of your company’s performance with respect to key social and environmental issues and legal requirements
  • assessment of your company’s performance in comparison to competitors

Based on this analysis and assessment, our experienced business and environmental consulting will develop a custom-made road map. The strategic road map will not only encompass adequate policies for your business, but will also provide you with a timeline for the realisation of your targets and a suitable framework to follow.

To achieve your sustainable goals, we will:

  • develop a strategic road map tailored to your requirements
  • determine the respective timeline
  • design detailed policies and procedures
  • identify a suitable framework, especially with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • advise you on how to embed sustainability in the governance structure
  • align your targets to the industry’s best practice as well as to international standards and guidelines

Stakeholder engagement is of vital importance for the success of any sustainable business. Therefore, we consider it to be a central component of the sustainability consulting services which we offer to assist you in identifying your stakeholders and effectively engaging with them.

suPPPort will aid you at each step of the stakeholder engagement process, e. g. in

  • mapping your stakeholders
  • discovering and understanding your stakeholders’ expectations and issues
  • defining the engagement purposes of your business
  • creating plans for engaging with your stakeholders
  • supporting, consulting and monitoring your company’s engagement activities
  • integrating the results of the above activities

Through our extensive experience in sustainability consulting, we can

  • provide you with knowledge and networks
  • design and run stakeholder engagement exercises as a third party (whether as part of the sustainability reporting service or as an independent engagement)
  • assist in developing effective stakeholder engagement systems
  • thereby, aid your company in ensuring ongoing stakeholder support
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To ensure the long-term success of your company’s sustainability strategy, it is essential to recognise and assess any emerging challenges and business risks as soon as possible – and, of course, to act accordingly. suPPPort consulting will assist you in

  • identifying your stakeholders’ concerns
  • discerning key trends and best practices
  • determining the topics which may pose potential threats to your business
  • evaluating the materiality of these business risks
  • prioritizing issues based on their strategic relevance
  • acting promptly, purposefully and providently and aligning existent risk management systems, thus eliminating potential business threats
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Staying well informed about sustainability trends is key to the success of any sustainable business. Among our consulting services, we offer trainings and workshops which will provide you  with all necessary knowledge concerning international sustainability standards as well as national and international compliance requirements.

suPPPort offers trainings

  • in social and environmental topics
  • on staff and management levels
  • tailor-made to your company’s requirements
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